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Workshops that Inform and Inspire
The Advocacy Center provides interactive, informative workshops on disability-related topics, individualized to meet your needs. Many workshops are provided free of charge for groups of individuals with disabilities and family members. There is a fee for professional development workshops for schools, employers, and organizations. Most workshops are approximately ninety minutes long. The length of time can be modified to meet your needs.  For a printable workshop catalog, click here.

Individuals and Families
We are here to support you in the achievement of your goals. Our experienced presenters, most of whom have personal or family experience with disabilities, will provide information and tools to enhance your knowledge and advocacy skills. 

Schools, Employers, and Other Organizations
We are here to help your organization work effectively in achieving your goals working with individuals with disabilities and their families. Our experienced presenters will help you and your organization think and act in new ways. This service can also help you meet mandated training requirements for your employees.

In addition to workshops on specific topics, we also provide several more in-depth workshop series opportunities for individuals and families, as well as for professionals.

To arrange for a workshop:

Parents, Family Members and Individuals with Disabilities: Contact Laura Arrington, Parent Center Coordinator, by email or by phone at (585) 224-7332.

Organizations, Schools, and Employers: Contact Courtney Dolan, Public Education Coordinator, by email or by phone at (585) 224-7367.


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