Presenters for a New Attitude

Do you have a story to share?  You can promote greater understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities
and their families by sharing your experiences. Studies show that when college students and members of the community hear personal stories, they become better  teachers, social workers, health professionals and citizens! 

Presenters for a New Attitude is a two-day workshop in which you will learn and practice the skills needed to share your stories with audiences. You will do this with the encouragement and feedback of other participants, previous graduates, and experienced presenters from The Advocacy Center.


Presenters for a New Attitude Class of Spring 2012
Presenters for a New Attitude Class of Spring 2012

Requirements for participants:

  • Need to be an adult with developmental disability or a parent/family member
  • Attend the two day workshop
  • Come with a desire to share your story and commitment to learn

Individuals who complete the training will become members of The Advocacy Center’s Speakers Bureau and may be asked to make disability awareness presentations to the community.

Presenters for a New Attitude is offered once per year, usually in the spring.  There is a fee to participate.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2013 class.  Deadline for application is March 29, 2013.